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sarah jane gorlitz
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inappropriate measure (2010) comprises a series of drawings, scratched into black paint on the back sides of sheets of Plexiglas. Layered on top of each other, these drawings depict multiple impressions of a specific space. Their dimensions are drawn from various sources (including images from the internet and personal memory), as the original structures no longer exist. This series is an attempt to rewind back to some original encounter with these buildings, before they were articulated in rebar and concrete, to salvage them, to reanimate some essential part of their being. Each line is drawn over and over again, reencountering each corner, window, post; and through this process, each line moves farther away, like the “blue shift” of the previous one. In reanimating a presence that seems to have been annihilated, these drawings are an attempt to demonstrate the impossibility of the full destruction of being.  
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