2002 MFA University of Waterloo
2000 HBA Philosophy, University of Toronto

2005 Decimal Investigations, The Red Head Gallery, Toronto, Canda.
2002 Negotiable Floor Plans, University of Waterloo Art Gallery (MFA Thesis Exhibition), Canda.

2015 participating artist in eStamina, a project by Grégoire Blunt and Emmy Skensved, Import Projects, Berlin, Germany & 8-11, Toronto, Canada..
2014 Behind the High Grass (part four), O'Born Contemporary, Toronto, Canada.
2012 Upgrade, Greusslich Contemporary, Berlin, Germany.
2012 POST, University of Waterloo Art Gallery, Waterloo, Canada.
2010 (t)here, Greusslich Contemporary, Berlin, Germany.
2010 Everything Next To Each Other, YYZ, Toronto, Canada.
2005 New Work, Other Gallery (Exhibition with Scott Rogers), Banff Centre, Canda.
2004 Form and Consequence, Gallery 1313, Toronto, Canda.
2004 Homecoming, University of Waterloo Art Gallery (The Alumni Juried Exhibition) Waterloo, Canda.
2003 Tampered With, 0 to 1 Gallery (Exhibition with Michael Ambedian), Kitchener, Canda.

2015 Ontario Arts Council, Mid-Career Visual Artist Grant.
2011 Canada Council for the Arts, Assistance to Visual Artists – Career Dvelopment Grant.
2011 Ontario Arts Council, Visual Artist Emerging Grant.
2010 Ontario Arts Council, Exhibition Assistance.
2007 Fellowship in New Research in Abstraction, headed by Robert Linsley
2005 Ontario Arts Council, Exhibition Assistance.
2006 Ontario Arts Council, Exhibition Assistance.
2005 Optic Nerve Thematic Residency, The Banff Centre.
2005 Self-Directed Residency, The Banff Centre.
2001 Best in Show “39th Annual Juried Exhibition,” Tom Thomson Memorial Art Gallery.
2001 The Keith & Win Shantz Summer Internship: Artist Assistant to Stephen Ellis, New York, USA.

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