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excerpt from fluorescence, 2015 - 2017, multi-channel video installation
Fluorescence is a multi-channel video installation that explores an expanded conception of surface. Each of its videos presents a microscopic image of a plant cell, transformed by the light of a moving laptop into iridescent abstraction. Microscope technologies use the properties of fluorescence, coloured dyes or polarized light to visualize matter; we use light emitted by a laptop at the minimum rate required for photosynthesis to occur. Each monitor presents a compilation of many versions of the same image, as it has variously appeared across 8 editions of the textbook “Biology of Plants” (1970-2012). Over this time, pages have yellowed, printed colours vary slightly, images have been cropped, magnified, and new symbols introduced. Sometimes the change is so slight, it is only noticeable in the way page creases catch the reflected light.